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Thank you, candidates, for taking the time to respond thoughtfully to several preliminary questions.

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BAYAC AmeriCorps is a national service program that partners with The Breakfast Project at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. BAYAC AmeriCorps members commit to an 11-month service term and receive a monthly living stipend of $1,430. Upon completion of the service term, members receive a $6,095 education award. The Culinary Arts and Garden Educator role is a BAYAC AmeriCorps service position in the nation’s most expensive city, San Francisco. Please tell us why you have chosen to apply for a year of volunteer service versus, for example, applying for a full-time job.
Please describe your experience working with students ages 5-11.
How familiar are you with the local Bay Area community?
What skills, hobbies, or passions would you bring to working with youth? What is your level of experience for each skill, hobby, or passion listed?
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Please select five traits from the list below that you feel best match your strengths.