Chefs in the City Week 4A: Mission - Huevos Divorciados

Our neighborhood this week was the Mission, where some of our students live. We kicked off each class with agua de jamaica, which is tea made from the sepals of hibiscus flowers and a popular beverage in Mexican cuisine. It is naturally tart and wakes you up if you are feeling sleepy!

We discussed the diverse native and immigrant groups who have made the Mission their home, including the large number of Mexican immigrants that started arriving in the mid-20th century and who have made a profound impact on the neighborhood’s food culture.

Huevos divorciados (“divorced eggs”) has a humorous name that refers to two fried eggs on tortillas separated by their different salsas. We got the tortillas from La Palma Mexicatessen in the Mission, but students made everything else. The salsa roja featured tomatoes; the salsa verde featured tomatillos. Both salsas contained jalepeños, which was a new ingredient for us to be working with in the kitchen.

On Wednesday, we had some special guests from SFUSD’s Future Dining Experience team and the SFUSD Sustainability Office cook with us and share our breakfast. We hope to keep partnering with our friends at the District around healthy, beautiful, sustainable food in schools.